Friday, December 18, 2009

My 7th Annivessary

Hmm..annivessary dah nak sampai..tapi poket aku kosong...apa la plan aku nak buat ni tanpa mengeluarkan duit..ish..ish..tak bestnya aku pun memulakan pencarian di dalam aku terjumpa yang ini...

Here are two inexpensive but creative ideas to put a smile on your husband’s face. In addition to giving him a gift (of course!), adding these little surprise expressions of love make the day extra special.
  1. Purchase a scented candle. Write a message to your husband, e.g. “You are the light of my life”
  2. Purchase a pad of sticker notes. Write short positive messages for him and stick them in places all over the house where you know he will find them

Here are some examples and suggestions:


I love you
Bathroom mirror.

I appreciate you
Toilet seat, which you have placed down.

Mommy loves Daddy

Children’s school bags.

Love your smile
On her tooth brush.

I need you
The refrigerator door.

I only have eyes for you
TV screen.

You are priceless

On cheque book.

Here are some other songs you can use for an anniversary party for that special couple.

This I Promise You by NSYNC

Forever and For Always by Shania Twain

Wedding Day by Seal

Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel

Lets Stay Together by Al Green

Amazed by Lonestar

Clocks by Coldplay

By Your Side by Sade

Times of Your Life by Paul Anka

I Could Not Ask For More by Edwin McCain

I Do Cherish You by 98 Degrees

On My Wedding Day by Don Henley

Thank you by Dido

You and Me by Life House

Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler

With This Ring by Sawyer Brown

gambar ni jer yg sempat sambar pepagi ni...kang bawa album...en hubby sure byk tanya plak...
rasa mcm muda belia ja lagi bila tengok gambar ni..hehe


Kami celebrate kat Chinese Seafood..en Hubby cakap nak makan ketam...aku ajak dia pergi Seoul Garden tapi sebab location pun agak jauh..postphone abiskan masa di Pulau Ketam la malam tu...

napa lah serius sangat en Hubby ni..susah sangat nak senyum..agaknya aku ni dah tak comel kot...huhuhu..kena wat facial treatment ni...
senyum juga nak jaga hati bini...
adik Hana...minum macam en Hubby..non stop...
cili dan bawang putih...tak hengat punya banyak...
yummy..pepahat..but too big..kalau sangkut kat tekak..yarhh..hehe
tofu..for kids...
chilly crab...
butter prawn..but mcm tak jadi ajer...khas untuk adik Hana...she is a fan of prawns....
dua beradik ni tgh bg ikan keli makan kat laut...besar2 keli..kalau org jatuh mau tinggal tulang jer....ngeri...


Amelia Shafer said...

wahhhh..baguih idea ni..leh praktik la...melia nyer pun dh dekat...1st february ni..

Salwa Hamzah said...

heheh..melia poket tebai takpa la...